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Autumn 2021 | Varese e provincia

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Going out and Narrating, where the walk will be a story, a sweet narration that will fill the eyes first and then the heart.

26 September: On the trail of the frati Benedettini of Voltorre

From the old road to Voltorre we will enter the small village that surrounds the ancient monastery with the beautiful cloister of the Comacine masters. In the Middle Ages, all the marshy areas adjacent to the lake were reclaimed by the Cluniac monks and the great Lanfranco da Ligurno built the cloister and perhaps also the entire structure. A visit to the most beautiful point of Lake Varese and then a walk along the banks will slowly bring us back to Oltrona from where we started.

At 3:00 pm Park at the corner of via Voltorre and via Unione Oltrona (VA).

Duration about 3 hours.

3 October: The most romantic Row of poplars in the province

Bodio and Lomnago two historic villages on Lake Varese. Go up from the shores of the lake passing through the most romantic row in the province of Varese to reach Villa Bossi in Bodio. From the historic center a journey through the woods that will lead to Lomnago up to the park of Villa Puricelli. It was the home of the engineer. Puricelli, creator and builder of the first motorway in Europe! Oh yes, the VA-MI in 1924.

At 3:00 pm Parking via Acquadro Bodio Lomnago (VA).

Duration about 3 hours.

10 October: The Ponte Tresa Tram and the Argentera park

How wonderful it would be to get on the white tram again! Instead, you can walk the path of the lost tram ... From the lake station you go up the mountain with gentle curves and illuminated tunnels, between one panorama and the other you arrive at the Argentera Park. You will also be able to see some stations of the Cadorna line along the route.

At 3:00 pm Park via Pezzalunga Lavena Ponte Tresa (VA).

Duration about 3 hours.

17 October: Villa Alemagna in Barasso and the Molina hamlet

The great architect and landscape architect Emilio Alemagna preferred the villa of Barasso to the sumptuous houses of Milan. He designed buildings but also many gardens of the beautiful villas in the area including that of the princes Castelbarco Albani di Casciago. Further down the small hamlet of Molina which collects important religious and hard work testimonies both in the mills and in the pipe factories. Visit to the pretty little church of S. Ambrogio

At 3:00 pm Park via Castello sotto la SS394 in Barasso (VA).

Duration about 3 hours.

24 October: Sant'Ambrogio in Calcinate degli Orrigoni

A nice walk with new views. From Masnago we will undertake a circular route between the lands of Morosolo and Calcinate degli Orrigoni, fief of the homonymous family from Varese. Visit to the beautiful Romanesque church with colorful frescoes. Return from the countryside via Carnaga which still occupies an excellent vantage point.

At 3:00 pm Park via Giordani angolo via Carnaga Varese.

Duration about 3 hours.

7 November: Casciago and Sant’Agostino

But did Sant' Agostino really stay in Casciago? We believe so! We will follow the narrow streets of the historic center between the nineteenth-century villas: Villa Valerio, Villa Dell’Acqua and Villa dei Principi Castelbarco Albani. The well-known historian Philipe Daverio, who recently passed away, was also at home here. Do we also take a stroll in the Casciago tennis park? I would say yes.

At 2:30 pm Park Chiesa S. Monica via A. Dell’Acqua Casciago.

Duration about 2h 30 '.

14 November: Madonna in Campagna and stories of smugglers

The unique church that crowns the cemetery will be the beginning of our journey. From the Romanesque arches of the apse to another basin: the Valli di Arcisate quarry. The path will take us to admire the spacious view of the quarry from above and the story will lead us to old stories of smugglers who roamed these borderlands.

At 2:30 pm Parking cimitero di Cantello (VA).

Duration about 2h 30 '.

21 November: Industrial archeology: all is not lost

The old mills have given way to the tanneries. Now the tanneries have given way to schools… The world is changing and the structures are adapting. A journey back into the industrial past of the Valle Olona in Varese.

At 2:30 pm Park via Monte Cristallo rione San Fermo Varese.

Duration about 2h 30 '.

28 November: Romeo Lanfranconi and the village of Velate

Romeo, a great benefactor, the main street that connects Casciago to Velate is dedicated to him. Following it we will enter a still fifteenth-century and fantastic world. The village of Velate, a former municipality of the Varese area, which was much more important than Varese itself in more than one historical period.

At 2:30 pm Park via Tiniguzza traffic lights at the roundabout of Casciago.

Duration about 2h 30 '.

5 December: From the bayonets of the Risorgimento to the FAGO coffee

Biumo Sup. And Inf. Two castles that tell a good part of the history of Varese. Many powerful families lived there in majestic villas such as the Oppliger family of the FAGO café. The most important battle of the Varese Risorgimento was fought right there.

At 2:30 pm Giardino via Dei Bersaglieri Varese.

Duration about 2h 30 '.

12 December: Recalcati and Morosini: hosts in the Prefecture

illa Recalcati today is the seat of the Province and the Prefecture. Before that, Grand Hotel Excelsior, home of the Morosini family and home of the Recalcati counts. Visiting the beautiful centuries-old park we will tell the story of this place full of life with a masterful past. Greetings to all!

At 2:30 pm Parking della Stazione FNM Casbeno Varese.

Duration about 2h 30 '.


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