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From June to September 2022 | Gallarate


Here are the exhibitions open from 5 June to 25 September 2022

  • Screens. Screen cultures and moving images - XXVI EDITION NATIONAL AWARD VISUAL ARTS CITY OF GALLARATE

Screen cultures are today the most advanced expression of contemporary visual culture: images primarily "in motion" - conveyed by "democratized" screens (whether they are cinema, television, computers, tablets and smartphones) have a social impact, (S. Frangi). The exhibition opens Caterina MegaDrops, a display of the great archive of Mario Gorni and Zefferina Castoldi who is awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for the role of creators, founders, supporters of Careof one of the most important centers in Italy, aimed at the creativity and experimentation of young artists in every form and expression. Caterina MegaDrops is a special collection of sixty-eight documentaries and in-depth interviews on the Italian artistic scene, made by Castoldi and Gorni between 1987 and 2020, selected and structured specifically for the XXVI edition of the Premio Galla- and for the collections of the MA*GA Museum.

The exhibition continues with works by Rossella Biscotti, Adelita Husni-Bey, Chiara Fumai, Mario Rizzi, Invernomuto, Silvia Rosi, VEGA, Natália Trejbalová and Vashish Soobah. In these works the investigation of their own identities, the issues related to the relationship between video and archives, the dialogue with film languages, the relationship with stories and cultures of the places, the transformation of technology and audiences, become a possible interpretation key for the entire exhibition and a tool with which to imagine new narratives dedicated to the moving image in contemporary Italian art. 

  • Another world opens up - HISTORY AND ART IN ITALY BETWEEN 1948 AND 1980

Between the immediate Second World War and the Sixties, a new artistic universe transforms Italian culture and society. Among the protagonists of this transformation, which continues until the years of the dispute and the years of lead, there are the authors of reference ARCHIVIFUTURI, who worked in the territory investigated by the festival, between the high Milanese, the lakes and the Swiss border.

Inspired by the words of Sandro Penna, the exhibition "Another world opens up" tells episodes, biographies and practices of these artists and these artists, their ability to renew the expressive languages, to make art dialogue with social contexts, to open the work of art to the public and space, to experiment with the possibilities of new technological tools. 

On display works by Enrico Baj, Marion Baruch, Angelo Giuseppe Bertolio, Lilliana Bianchi, Floriano Bodini, Giannetto Bravi, Gianfranco Brebbia, Dadamaino, Lucio Fontana, Franco Fossa, Luciano Giaccari and Maud Ceriotti, Renato Guttuso, Marcello Morandini, Marinella Pirelli, Innocente Salvini, Giancarlo Sangregorio, Vittorio Tavernari, Giovanni Testori, Gianfilippo Usellini, Silvio Zanella. The works of Ottavio Missoni are exhibited in the Sala Arazzi Ottavio Missoni.

Opening hours of the museum:

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