Varese, land of events

From Friday 11th November 2022 to Saturday 10th June 2023 | Varese


An exhibition that was created with the idea of publicising and enhancing the significant cultural heritage of the Varese Police Headquarters building, sbuilt during the fascist era under the name Palazzo Littorio, thanks to the architectural and figurative mastery of Mario Loreti and Giuseppe Montanari, who also created Piazza Montegrappa, the heart of the city. The uniqueness of the exhibition lies in the display of dusters and preparatory papers made by Montanari himself, which were found in his personal archive, offering the opportunity to see the images of the frescoes, which were largely obliterated and destroyed at the end of the Fascist period, again in the place for which they were intended.

The challenge is to place the found and unpublished documentary material alongside the architectural and figurative aspects that have survived despite changes in use.

The exhibition itinerary:

The exhibition  begin from the ground floor with an in-depth look at Mario Loreti with an exhibition of drawings of the building project. 

The exhibition  continues  in the Sala Adunanze with the viewing of the frescoes and their preparatory drawings and cartoons by Montanari. 

The first floor is dedicated to an important unique fresco representative of the winged victory, in what used to be the director's room.

The second floor opens  with preparatory papers depicting "the Power of Italy", a fresco originally located in the Sala Adunanze, followed by the fresco "The Exaltation of Labour" and the fresco "The Offering', dedicated to the Italian woman exalted in the sublime gesture of donating gold to the Homeland, in the Sala delle riunioni.

The exhibition concludes with a viewing of a series of images of the buildings and roads built during the fascist era that characterised the city of Varese, then newly named provincial capital.

The exhibition will be organized from Friday 11th November 2022 to Saturday 10th June 2023, on the premises of the current Varese Police Headquarters.

Exhibition schedules:

  • On saturday from 9.30 to 12.30
  • On  Wednesday from 15.00 to18.00.

For guided tour the reservation is required.

For more information:

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