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From June to August 2024 | Inarzo

Events at Oasi Lipu Brabbia

Also in June, the LIPU Nature Reserve and Oasis Palude Brabbia offers appointments to spend immersed in nature!

On Sunday 2nd, Friday 7th, Saturday 8th, Friday 14th, Saturday 15th, and Sunday 16th June

At 9:15 P.M., guided night tours continue along the paths of the oasis, offering an opportunity to observe the nocturnal fauna of the marsh, including fireflies and owls. Lipu guides will share insights into the nocturnal life of animals. Fireflies, once common even near human dwellings, can still be spotted along the oasis trails. If you wish to learn more about these natural phenomena and other secrets, we invite you to participate in the night tours.


This summer, children and teenagers will also be welcomed to the oasis. For young people aged 9 to 12, there will be the "Young Park Rangers", who will explore the Brabbia Marsh with specialized operators, participating in educational workshops and observational walks. The shifts are from July 22nd to 26th and from August 5th to 9th.

For teenagers aged 12 to 14, there will be the "Marsh Kids," with activities such as building tribal tools, sports challenges, workshops, and birdwatching. There will also be a nighttime adventure on the oasis trails.

There will also be a day dedicated to archery and a half-day of maintenance! Single shift from July 8th to 12th

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