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March 2024 | Inarzo

Events at Oasi Lipu Brabbia

Also in March, the LIPU Nature Reserve and Oasis Palude Brabbia offers appointments to spend immersed in nature!



Sunday 3rd and Sunday 17th March at 9:30 a.m .Among songs and the drumming of woodpeckers

Guided tour to the observation tower in the integral reserve, where accompanied by LIPU guides you will discover the life of woodpeckers. During the visit, with binoculars in hand, you will also observe birds of prey, ducks and herons that populate the reserve.
The planned duration is 3 hours. This event is open to adults and children aged 9 and above. Boots and warm clothing are recommended.

Sunday 3rd March 2.30 p .m. -Oasis Walk

A walk with binoculars in hand, along the Reserve's paths, where, accompanied by a guide, we will look at the feeders where passerines reign supreme. There will be no shortage of overflights in the wide green spaces of birds of prey in search of their daily meal.
The planned duration is approximately 2½ hours. This event is open to adults and children aged 9 and over. Boots and warm clothing are recommended.

Sunday 10th March 9.30 a. m. -In love, everything counts

A guided tour to discover courtship in the winged world, amidst wedding parades and 'chirping battles. You will follow the guides to the observation tower in the integral part, where binoculars in hand you will be able to spot other swamp dwellers flying over the skies in search of a quiet place to nest with their chosen mate.
The planned duration is approximately 3 hours. This event is open to adults and children aged 9 and above. Boots and warm clothing are recommended.

Sunday 24th March 9.30 a.m. -Welcome migrators

Migration, a fascinating and dangerous journey undertaken by many birds every year. But why do they migrate, why do they make these gruelling journeys from one continent to another? Armed with binoculars, we will walk through the reserve to the observation tower where spring is peeping out and the herons are hatching in the heronry.

The planned duration is about three hours. This event is open to adults and children aged 9 and above. Boots and warm clothing are recommended.


Sunday 10th March at 2.30 p.m. - Compasses and Footprints - ORIENTEERING

Orienteering competition for families in which adults and children compete in practice tests and nature quizzes. Do you know your way around paths and forests? Do you know the difference between feathers and pens? Can you build a nest out of grass and sticks? Knowledge and practicality will decide the winning team. To conclude the day there will be a snack all together.

Sunday 17th March at 2.30 p.m. - The Return of Magician Melchior

A wandering fairy tale through the paths of the Oasis where, in the first person, the children will have to "save" the swamp from the magician Melchiorre who, as usual, has lost his mind! Bizarre characters and bungling magicians will accompany the children to complete the mission and restore serenity in the reserve. Suitable for children aged 4 to 8 accompanied by mum and dad. A final snack to celebrate Father's Day together.
The expected duration is about 3 hours. Hiking boots are recommended.

Sunday 24th March 2.30 p.m. - The Bee People

Family workshop to discover how in the beehive everyone has their job and everyone is important for the life of the hive. Thanks to a beekeeper, the beehive will be opened to see the inhabitants up close, looking for the queen protected by her handmaidens. A team test and quiz on pollinating insects will decide the winning family. To finish, it will be possible to taste various types of honey together to understand the differences. 
The expected duration is about 3 hours.

  • EASTER HOLIDAYS - 9 to 12 year olds

Thursday 28th March 2:00 p.m. - Natural sounds and tribal instruments

What instruments did prehistoric humans use? How did communication take place in the animal world? You can find out on a walk along marshland paths where small passerines chirp and sing melodious songs while woodpeckers drum on logs. The afternoon will open with a workshop to make tribal instruments to take home and use in our prehistoric orchestra!

Friday 29th March 2:00 p.m.< - Tribal treasure hunt on animal tracks

Like prehistoric men, you will wander the swamp paths equipped with a primitive map in search of bones, feathers and footprints left by animals. There will also be some practical challenges to make huts and objects of our ancestors. To conclude the afternoon, you will be able to make your own rock painting to take home. A snack is planned at the end of the activities.


Saturday 2 March 14.30 - Kombucha and fermented foods

You will attend a meeting led by Leonardo Cassago, a biology graduate and experimenter in fermented foods. After a theoretical introduction in which you will learn about these preparations and how to use them safely, Leonardo will illustrate recipes that you can make on your own and will provide the s c o b y, i.e. the starter that will serve as a starting point for all the preparations.
All participants in the event will have the opportunity, at the end, to taste the preparations brought by Leonardo.

Saturday 16th March at 2.30 p.m. - Journey into the world of gems

Spring is the time when nature begins its awakening after its winter rest. You will walk along the oasis paths accompanied by Sonia Gallazzi, naturopath and herb gatherer, to discover tree buds. It will be a journey that will lead us to discover the thousands of potentialities that nature offers for our health through gemmotherapy, a branch of modern phytotherapy that, through extracts obtained from plant buds, favours the rebalancing of health. At the end of the walk, it will be explained how these preparations can be made independently. The protagonists will be the trees, these giants of the woods that with their beauty, their gifts and their 'character' express something unique that Sonia will be able to tell you about thanks to her experience.
Hiking boots and binoculars are recommended

Sunday 24th March at 2.30 p.m. - Meadowweeds in the frying pan

A walk through the meadows of the oasis accompanied by Rosella Aresi, who will intoxicate you with her art in recognising edible wild herbs, their herbal properties and their use in cooking. The protagonists of this early spring will be the sprouts that Rosella will explain how to use, as well as the flowers and plants that are often mistakenly considered 'weeds', but were once widely used by our grandparents for their beneficial properties.

Course on edible wild herbs - run by Ombretta Tuligi

The course run by Ombretta Tuligi will be developed over several meetings. Ombretta's expert hands will pass on the art of recognising edible wild herbs, old recipes will be told, and we will rediscover the flavours of the past.

The course will take place over three dates:

  • Saturday 6th April 2.30 p.m./5.30 p.m.
  • Saturday 20th April 2.30 p.m./5.30 p.m.
  • Saturday 18th May 2.30 p.m./5.30 p.m.

After a short open-air excursion dedicated to the recognition of spontaneous plants, you will gather around a table to feel with all your senses what you have gathered...amidst fragrances and tastings.
It is recommended to bring boots, a small bag for samples, a notebook and pen. The course will also be held in the event of rain.

  • FOTOSMART - organised by Yeehgo

Saturday 2rd March at 3:00 p.m. - Fotosmart at sunset

Getting excited in front of a sunset is a reaction that will never stop within us. You will experience these emotions through Yeehgo's Smart photography, discovering how to transform what you see into spectacular landscape photos taken with your mobile phone.
LIPU operators will accompany you to the integral area of the Nature Reserve, you will pass by the evocative peat bog ponds and climb up to the lookout tower, which will allow you to raise your vantage point to enjoy the spectacle of the sunset. You will enjoy shooting sessions from the peat bog, near the picturesque ponds, or atop the watchtower.


Thanks to the experience and passion of Giordano Colombo, a birdwatcher and Lipu volunteer at the Brabbia Marsh for several years, a birdwatching course will be held dedicated to those who are approaching the world of avifauna and therefore want to acquire some more information.

To allow the participation of a wider audience, the course will be structured through on-line evening theory lessons at 8.45 p.m. on the Discord platform, to be followed by two practical outings in April and May on dates that will be defined in agreement with the participants. The calendar of on-line evenings will be as follows:

  • Wednesday 6th March: Introduction, beauty and importance of birdwatching, equipment and clothing, how to practice it.
  • Wednesday 13th March: Recognition of species in urban environments and biodiversity
  • Wednesday 20th March: Birdgardening, artificial nests and feeders, birds in our gardens
  • Wednesday 27th March: Wetlands and rural areas, the birds that frequent them, migration.

For all events, reservations are compulsory.

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