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Until October 2024 | Sesto Calende

Special openings of the Oratory of San Vincenzo

TheOratory of San Vincenzo, also known as the Oratory of the Three Kings, is a historic, now deconsecrated church located north of Sesto Calende on a picturesque grassy knoll, a historical and artistic gem.

Inside the Oratory, visitors can admire 16th-century frescoes, although unfortunately many of them have been lost over time. Among those that remain, the representations of St. Vincent and the Maggi Kings, which gave the Oratory its name, stand out.

When visiting the Oratory of St Vincent, it is also recommended to explore the surroundings, including Sass da Preja Buja (dark stone), an erratic boulder of great historical and archaeological importance.

The openings will be held on the first Sundays of each month, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. The dates for 2024 are as follows

  • Sunday 7th April
  • Sunday 5th May
  • Sunday 2nd June
  • Sunday 7th July
  • Sunday 4th August
  • Sunday 1st September
  • Sunday 6th October

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