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From the 30th of May to the 20th of June | Sala Veratti del Comune di Varese

Leonardo Da Vinci’s machinery

Opening: Thursday 30 May 2019

Exhibition organised by Fabrizia Buzio Negri.

In partnership with A.N.V.0. (Associazione Navimodellisti Valle Olona).

Presentation techno-scientific: Duilio Curradi, Paolo Candusso, Roberto Vasconi.

Some experts have professionally created the machinery, following the instructions given by Leonardo in his works.

It’s about 20 machines from Paolo Candusso’s collection, who is the creator.

They have been created in scale and they perfectly work, infact they always arouse curiosity and attention of a big public consisting in adults and students all desirous to develop the knowledge about the personality techno-scientific of the genius Leonardo.

Together with some explicative drawings, the exhibition also provides the presence of experts, who are there to explain the structure and their functioning.


Opening times: thursday and Friday 15:30- 18:30

Saturday and Sunday 10:30-12.30 / 15:30-18:30




Fabrizia Buzio Negri, journalist/ art critic

335 5443223 |

Roberta Colombo,author  and director STCV Anna Bonomi

335 7004128 |

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