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Among the green of our province there are several marvelous waterfalls.

Ferrera waterfall - Situated in the municipality of Ferrera the waterfall is also known by local people as Fermona. It is located about 30 meters just below the village where the Margorabbia river flows out from the caves of the Cunardo ravine to reach Valtravaglia. At the bottom of the waterfall there's a small lake where water is crystal clear and completely surrounded by nature.

- How to get there: follow directions from the centre of Ferrera, walking for a short distance the bicycle path that comes from Rancio Valcuvia.

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Cittiglio waterfalls - There are 3 waterfalls in Cittiglio, reachable by a path that starts from the old part of the village. They are formed from S. Giulio stream and situated at an altitude between 324 and 474 meters high, in a natural environment of an amazing beauty.

- How to get there: follow directions from Pianella street in Cittiglio.

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Froda waterfall - In Nasca, part of Castelveccana municipality, is situated one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the province, hidden in the nature and so considered an amazing place. The itinerary to get there takes about half an hour in the nature. The waterfall is about 100 mt high and collects water that flow down from Cuvignone mountain.

- How to get there: passing through Veccana, turning to Nasca and following the road S. Antonio where can find the directions.

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Roggiano waterfall - In Roggiano Valtravaglia, just few steps after the tiny centre of the village, at the wooden bridge, a small waterfall hides itself in the green. Slow down and take your time if you're passing by.

- How to get there: SS394; on the road that goes from Germignaga to Mesenzana you'll find a detour for Roggiano Valtravaglia; pass through the village taking the street to Brissago Valtravaglia

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