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Via Novara 66b • 21019 Somma Lombardo ( VA )


Ticino Bike Hub is the reference point for cycle tourism in the province of Varese.

E-Bike rental, tour organization, guides, training, team building and assistance.

Ticino Bike Hub is exploring, knowing, promoting, protecting, educating and living.

An innovative reality that responds to an ever growing desire to visit the area at zero kilometers.

The goal is to make more and more people live a 360° outdoor experience using a vehicle suitable for everyone, with a low environmental impact and which allows them to play sports and explore large portions of the territory.

A reference point for tourist cycling that allows you to create the right interconnection between users and the territory.

A place to find guides, tools, assistance, training, technical advice but also a meeting and discussion point on all issues related to tourism and sport related to the world of cycling.

Promote the development of the practice of this activity by linking it to knowledge, culture, history, respect and enhancement of the environment in total awareness and safety.

The best E-Bikes of the two major Italian groups specialized in renting.

Always new bicycles, top-of-the-range models, of all sizes.
The cheapest price on the market with many tailor-made offers.
The guarantee, management and assistance performed with certified guides.
The certainty of having direct contact.
The willingness to evaluate every solution and problem.


Families in the saddle
The Ticino Park can offer unforgettable moments for adults but also for the little ones, which is why Ticino Bike Hub offers families its knowledge of these areas with tours suitable for every member of the family

Passion E-bike in nature
The keywords will be "FUN" and "DISCOVERY" and that is to make the naturalistic and cultural environment in which we live accessible to all those who do not know it and to make it consciously rediscovered by those who already frequent it.

Challenge your limits in E-Bike
Ticino Bike Hub will give you the opportunity to push yourself higher, tackling routes of medium and high difficulty uphill and then challenging the trails with maximum fun downhill.

The guides will study an exclusive tour tailored to your needs and abilities and / or the group and are able to teach and improve the position in the saddle, the technique to perform descents, climbs even challenging, overcome obstacles, manage strength, etc…
Not only driving technique but also environmental and road education, study of the route, use of GPS and technological tools, basic mechanics, vehicle management, first aid, nutrition and everything that revolves around the way of cycling with the only goal of living fun days in total safety.

Do you want to learn how to ride your MTB like never before? With Ticino Bike Hub we organize courses to teach basic technique or improve your driving skills among the pitfalls of the woods and on unpredictable terrains. Safe mountain biking in the woods increases the fun.

A challenge to face together, a unique and positive experience.
Experiencing collaboration in a naturalistic and wild environment will help strengthen the team once they return to work.

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