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Between nature and history, Upper Ticino in a spectacular loop.

We will walk the historical streets and the tracks of the horse trail, we will immerse ourselves in the most beautiful pine forests and moors, we will pass through historical places of different eras from prehistoric times to recent history.
A succession of protected areas and monuments in a loop of about 25 kilometers that does not present major difficulties.

We will cross the territory of the Marshes of Arsago and with those who still have leg and battery we will walk it for all its extension with beautiful variations on the surrounding moraine hills.

Points of interest:
Site of Community interest Marshes of Arsago, Ippovia, Sass di Biss, Panperduto dams, Villoresi and Industriale canals, WWII airstrips, Geodetic Pyramid.

  • Tour of about 3 hours
  • Distance 25 km 15 km
  • Difficulty MEDIUM / EASY

Price for person with guide: € 40.00

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