6 local specialties for foodies

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Besides museums, cultural sites and nature gems, the territory of Varese hides some food excellences that worth a try. At the center of the valleys, at the foot of the Prealps, at the borders of the bigger cities, you find the fair cuisine, made of local products. From the old country villages now turned into industrial cities to the Swiss border, in this article we suggest you 6 specialties that bring with them local stories. 

  • Amaretti di Saronno. Born in 1718 as a gift for the Cardinal of Milano who came to visit the Sanctuary of Beata Vergine in Saronno, today Amaretti di Saronno are well-known and loved all over the world. 
  • Bruscitti di Busto Arsizio. Tipical winter recipe, served with polenta, the true recipes of the "briciole" from Busto Arsizio is still owned by the Magistero of Bruscitti from Busto Grande. 
  • San Tito Cake from Casorate Sempione.  The recipe of the traditional cake made with figs, nuts and hazelnuts, known olny by few local families, is a classic. We suggest you to try it at Osteria della Pista. 
  • White Asparagus from Cantello. Symbol of the small town situated at the Swiss border, the Asparagus from Cantello has a white or pink-silver top and they are picked from March 30 to the end of May. You can taste them during the season at Ristorante Olona Da Venanzio
  • Birra Poretti. Taste the historical beer from Induno Olona, which made Varese famous at the end of 1800 directly in the old factory, with a visit to the Art Nouveau building, once dedicated to the production or at the bar Spitz Varese. You can find and taste other craft beer at Unibirra or the Donegal Pub
  • Dolce Varese. Review of the "Amor Polenta", the cake which represents the town of Varese, perfeclty matches with the afternoon tea. The recipe is still conserved by the Zamberletti Family. Taste it also in Borgo di Mustonate, at Restaurant Tana d'Orso or in Varese Old Town at Restaurant Bologna.


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