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Milano / Malpensa

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  • Overcast, mist, rain
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Piaz.le Gramsci, Loc. Masnago - Varese

Tel. 0332/227661
bar parcheggio sala riunioni gruppi benvenuti   


- 5300 comfortable seats

- Big parking lots in the surrounding area

- 6 concessions for food and beverages

- Press area perfectly equipped with wireless internet to have a complete media coverage

- Hospitality area to host our VIP guests, with fine food and beverages

- Sport Store to sell the team’s merchandising

- The area is a multi-Functional facility, it can host sport events as well as concerts, conventions, exhibitions, fairs and corporate events.

- The structure management is run by Pallacanestro Varese



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Via Carrobbio, 2 - 21100 Varese Italy
Tel/Fax +39 0332 281944
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