Living in a farm - 200€

Day One
Arrival at 10am. Learn how to look after horses and the importance of grooming, tack and nutrition: how much and how often should horses eat and drink.

13pm: light lunch made with locally sourced produce.

14:30pm: horses from mares to foals: a visit to the stables offers a complete view of the fundamental routines and steps in the life of a horse from birth to breeding. A horse riding lesson tailored to suit your level of experience.

An evening meal at the restaurant La Tana dell'Orso made with local produce.

Overnight stay in Ungheria Varese hotel.

Day Two
Breakfast in the hotel. We meet the livestock, including calves, cows and sheep. We get a better understanding of what they eat and when and how much they drink. Wool: from shearing to spinning. Lunch made with locally sourced produce. Several different afternoon activities are available: environmental workshops in the stables and enjoyable walks with qualified staff, or a choice of off-site sports activities**, such as sailing and golf, or cultural activities. Farewell drinks.

You will require your own vehicle for the travel arrangements, although a shuttle service is available upon request. Changes may be made to the programme if the weather is inclement.

** These activities are not included in the price and should be booked upon your arrival.


€ 200.00 per person

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