Mountain Bike Experience

These are just some of the many mountain bike trails for a fantastic day’s riding in the stunning countryside around the Province of Varese.

1 - Loop - E1 European long-distance path- Monte Pelada 32 km (19.9 miles) (medium difficulty)
2 - Around the Campo dei Fiori Regional Park 35 km (nearly 22 miles) (medium difficulty)
3 - Discover the Province of Varese’s alpine foothills (Valcuvia and Valtravaglia) 35 km (nearly 22 miles) (medium difficulty)
4 - The Prealps Loop 45 km (28 miles) (medium difficulty)
5 - Follow the River Ticino and its canals 50 km (31 miles) (easy)
6 - Around the Prealpine Lakes of Varese and Comabbio 55 km (34.2 miles) (easy)
7 - A loop around the two Ticino parks (Lombardy-Piedmont) 58 km (36 miles) (easy)

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