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The Lake Maggiore Bike Hotels project was established with the goal of creating a Bike tourism-specific product club throughout the Verbano area.
The club is dedicated to enhancing the complementary accommodation services (guides and escorts, rental equipment and logistics) and trade ties among local businesses who promote cycling activities (activity and event organizers, equipment, clothing and accessory manufacturers, sports teams and cycling clubs, as well as any organization or association that promotes and has a passion for the territory itself).
The aim is to develop a network of relationships, activities and initiatives dedicated to creating an ecosystem (or rather a "bike-friendly environment") that will transform the Varese and Lake Maggiore from a "cycling-friendly territory" into a "cycling destination".
The paths of civilization The "Golasecca Civilization", the Ticino Park, the largest river park in Europe, and the Malpensa airport: these are the basic ingredients that have come together to create the "Golasecca Civilization" tourism itinerary. This coordination and management of new "packages" featured within the scope of our itineraries highlighting the values of our ancient civilizations and natural, cultural, and culinary itineraries, together with our "green" and environmentally-friendly cycling tours, are even supported by new technologies thanks to the development of Apps and geo-referenced tourism routes.
In fact, the routes will even be accompanied by ad hoc events created specifically to enrich the territory's tourism program and enhance its historical, cultural and local appeal, thus allowing it to reach the international markets.
1. Varesehotels srl
2. Restaurant Hotel La Bussola- Cittiglio
3. Hotel Ungheria - Varese
4. Camin Hotel Colmegna - Luino
5. Hotel Concazzurra - Ranco
6. Restaurant Hotel Vecchia Riva - Varese
7. Restaurant Hotel Belvedere- Ranco
8. Hotel Aries - Lesa
9. Il Borgo di Mustonate - Varese

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